This blog is for anyone traveling to, living in or just wondering about Shizuoka prefecture, 静岡県, Japan. While not a typical travel blog, my aim is simply to include reviews and experiences of places, sights and events around Shizuoka prefecture, from Lake Hamanako to the tip of the Izu peninsula. Otherwise known as Seibu (Western area), Chubu (Central area), Tobu (Eastern area) and the Izu peninsula. These aren't paid reviews; I do this entirely on my own time and dollar. I am not associated with or work for any travel or tourism organization. My hope is that you'll be able to learn more about this beautiful area of Shizuoka, with its variety of offerings and convenient location.

Who am I? 

I'm Ashley - a 20-something writer, blogger, techie living in Japan. I run GoTabi, a personalized Japan hotel search and booking service, run Surviving in Japan, and write the Lifelines column for The Japan Times. For more about what I do, feel free to check out and connect with me on LinkedIn.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest (Washington state, U.S.A.), I took a giant leap across the ocean after finishing my undergrad work. Taught with the JET program for a year and a half, and now chasing after a one year old, writing and doing freelance work.

I currently live in Shizuoka city with my husband and also have lived in Shimada (Central) and Fukuroi, Shizuoka (Western).

Have questions? Ideas? Just want to chat? Feel free to e-mail me: ashley@survivingnjapan.com. Or find me on Twitter @AshleyJapan.

If you like the writing, photos, or information you see here, feel free to contact me about freelance work.